Bungie is suing a Destiny 2 cheater who allegedly threatened to burn down their office

Bungie is suing a Destiny 2 cheater who allegedly threatened to burn down their office

Bungie filed a lawsuit against a Destiny 2 cheater, alleging that he not only violated the game’s terms of service through cheating, but also threatened the studio’s offices and employees.

The lawsuit _(opens in a new tab) , filed July 15 and brought to the public’s attention by TorrentFreak today , alleges that Luca Leone, who uses various social media aliases, regularly streamed himself using cheats in Destiny 2 and created multiple accounts in order to avoid bans for violating the Limited Software License Agreement, or LSLA, which Bungie describes as “serial fraud.”

Bungie also claims that Leone threatened them on social media. The studio cites one of Leone’s tweets, in which he posted an image of an employee badge owned by community manager Dylan Gafner, better known to fans as dmg. Leone followed up the tweet by saying “I just realized I’m moving to a place that’s 30 minutes away from dmg” and “it’s not safe.”

The studio also reports that Leone threatened to burn down the company’s office building. In another tweet cited in the lawsuit, one Twitter user openly asks if anyone could “set fire to a [later identified] location in Seattle.”

Leone started deleting some of his tweets after receiving a request for comment from Kotaku .(opens in a new tab) and has since made his account private.

Bungie is asking the court to ensure that Leone is provisionally and permanently prohibited from harassing or otherwise making unsolicited contact with Bungie, its employees, or Destiny 2 players.

The studio also states that “Leone violated Bungie’s copyright on Destiny 2 as an audiovisual work every time he used cheats.” With this allegation of copyright infringement, Bungie is seeking “statutory damages of $150,000 for each copyrighted work”, or “an amount to be proven in court.” The studio is also asking the court to award $2,500 in damages for every time Leone cheated in the game.

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