Chthonic madness continues in Eresys trailer from the creator of The Shore

Chthonic madness continues in Eresys trailer from the creator of The Shore

A year and a half ago, we wrote about the forthcoming release of The Shore , a humble Lovecraftian horror by a single person, 3D artist Ares Dragonis . Since then, praise the Ancients, the game has managed not only to come out, but also to acquire generally positive reviews on Steam. Success, of course, inspired Mr. Dragonis and encouraged him to work on a new project – another horror film based on the classic from Providence.

Eresys is not just a horror game based on the works of Howard Phillips Lovecraft with the obligatory disgusting monsters and oppressive environments. No, players will have to face even scarier creatures – other players. The fact is that Eresys is planned as a cooperative game for four. A group of daredevils sets out on a forested island to unravel its mystery. But terrible creatures with unique mechanics (presumably, driving insane and devouring those who resist) and advanced AI will definitely get out of the portal located there.

The plot tells about the adherents of a mysterious cult, whose members played with a dangerous book full of ancient spells. After the activation of one of them, almost all the inhabitants of the island disappeared, and a Void Portal formed in the middle (or on the side, who knows). The task of the surviving sectarians is to drive a dangerous creature into this Portal and seal it in order to avoid repeated visits. To do this, you need to find the right ingredients around the island.

Eresys is being developed for PC and will be released on Steam “soon”, tentatively before the end of the year.

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