Press Images Leaked for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Press Images Leaked for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

We can say that Samsung’s new foldable smartphone is now ready. With the latest leaks, we learned some information in terms of technical specifications. Press images have now leaked for the phone, which will come with the name Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 .

This leak caused expectations to change as well. Because while we expect a slightly different, renewed design, we see that the phone will offer a very similar design to the current model.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Design Not Much Changed

When we evaluate the images in the leak, the design of the phone reflects the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 exactly.

On the back, there is again a dual rear camera and a secondary screen to control when the phone is folded.

The structure on the main screen has not changed anyway. Again, we will be faced with a frameless screen and a smartphone that folds vertically in the middle.

Press Images Leaked for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

The fact that the Galaxy Z Flip4 model is so similar to the old series in terms of design is obviously not a question mark in mind.

If the phone really comes with the same design, we will see if only the technical innovations will be enough. We will get answers to all our questions with the introduction expected after August.

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